RAMPS 1.4 electronics + SD RAMPS and Cables


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Complete set of RAMPS 1.4 electronics + SD RAMPS and cables (RepRap 3D printer)

This is the perfect set for easy start with 3D printing including all electronics needed to run your 3D printer. You buy a full set on this auction at the lowest price.

Everything is soldered and ready to use no DIY, just plug and play!

Set includes:
– 1x Complete soldered RAMPS 1.4 (More informations about RAMPS 1.4)
– 5x A4988 Complete soldered G3D stepper driver with mounted heatsinks (More informations about G3D drivers)
– 1x Complete soldered Sdramps extension (More informations about SDRamps)
– 1x Mega 2560 (More informations about Mega 2560)
– 1x Cooler Fan
* 3x 2 PIN cables for thermistors
* 5x 4 PIN cables for motors

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