LCD and SD card panel with RAMPS Shield v1.1



This Panel including 4 rows display, SD card and ALPS rotary encoder – everything is assembled, soldered and ready to use.

RAMPS GADGETS3D shield mounting of this panel into your RAMPS 1.4 electronics should take just a few seconds – you don’t need to be a cables engineer also your electronics is safe from damages due of wrong wiring. Also this GADGETS3D shield provide separate power for correct operating of SD card.

Panel and RAMPS GADGETS3D shield will let print your G-Code files from an SD card and show you all informations about current print also live tuning is p

ossible – everything without computer connected.

After connecting this panel into your RAMPS you are totally free of USB connection, all functions as axes moves, calibrations, setup you can done just by few rotations of knob and printing can be done just using g-code stored on the SD card.

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Note: this panel works with the new Marlin firmware since release 3. For older firmwares you should upload new firmware. You can do this directly from Cura/ReplicatorG etc. or ArduinoIDE – Marlin sources you can download for example from here: GITHUB

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Weight 0.7 kg