RAMPS 1.4 All In One Kit with SD Card, LCD, Heated bed, Endstops

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RAMPS 1.4 with Arduino mega2560 rev3, 5x A4988 G3D, LCD, MK2a, endstops and cables.

Want to build a RepRap or other 3D printer, or maybe you just want to upgrade the printer’s current configuration to a better one? This is such a huge set that does not require any special description just look at the list below:

Kit includes:

1x Complete set of RAMPS 1.4 electronics:
– 1x Complete soldered RAMPS 1.4 (More informations about RAMPS 1.4)
– 5x A4988 Complete soldered G3D driver with additional CLK trimpot (this is much better than StepStick or Pololu due of selectable off-time)
– 1x Mega 2560 (More informations about Mega 2560)
– 1x Complete soldered Sdramps extension (More informations about SDRamps)
– 1x Cooler Fan
– 14 cables (complete wiring cables set):
* 6x 3 PIN cables for endstops
* 3x 2 PIN cables for thermistors
* 5x 4 PIN cables for motors
– 2x EPCOS 100k thermistor

1x LCD and SD card LCD/SD panel with RAMPS GADGETS3D Shield:
– 1x soldered and assembled panel with 4 rows LCD, SD card connector, ALPS rotary encoder. (More informations about panel)
– 1x soldered RAMPS GADGETS3D shield for easy connect panel into RAMPS 1.4.
– 1x Kingston 4GB SD card.
– 1x Plastic knob – 2x 10pin flat cable of 1 meter length.
– 2x 10pin flat cable of 35cm length.
Printable enclosure for our LCD panel you can find here:

1x RepRap Heatbed MK2a PCB
– 1x MK2a Heatbed PCB with LED’s and resistor soldered (More informations about MK2a)
– 1x NTC EPCOS type 100K thermistor
– 1x Red and Black wires cable which can easily handle over 10A and save your time (special wires for handling high power)

1x Mechanical Endstops set
– 3x Mechanical Endstop v1.2 (MakerBot style) (More informations about v1.2 Endstops)
– 3x Mechanical Endstop (RepRap/Prusa/Huexley style) (More informations about Mechanical Endstops)


More about G3D driver

4 pcs of professionally manufactured A4988 G3D Drivers complete soldered with mounted heatsinks – tested before shipping, just plug and play. Original Allegro A4988 inside.

Professional design and manufacture ensure stable operation of our driver – it contain double copper PCB for better heat dissipation and all the parts are from brands such as TDK, Murata, etc. – sense resistors are true sense resistors and all capacitors are Class 2 selected to work properly up to 25V!

This is the new innovative stepper motor driver for your 3D printer or any task involved stepper motors! It is a new generation as replacement for Pololu/StepStick it is fully compatible with Pololu and StepStick.


Q: Probably you’ll ask why it is better and innovative ?
A: Using standard A4988 drivers you face the problem of vibration / shaking stepper motors and frame when stepper motors are moving (most noticeable on Z stage). These drivers solves this problem by using an additional 30k trimpot to correctly select the off-time settings. Is it complicated to use? No, you only need to turn second trimpot (OSC) fully counterclokwise and that’s all – you can enjoy smoother and quieter stepper motors operation and no more lost motor steps because of non-optimal off-time settings.


Set includes:
– 4x A4988 G3D Drivers rev1
– 4x Heatsink (already mounted on the driver)
– 1x Safety plastic box.


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