SQueezeWear’s Extruder for Reprap


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Fully Assembled and Wired new HotEnd Design  +  FREE Hobbed Bolt
everything you need just plug and print from UK Stock!
   This HotEnd is made of high quality components precision treated and assembled in a solid way
that ensures a stable and trouble free operation.   Very easy to connect completely wired with standard Sanguinololu plugs.   Two individual mounting systems can be easily connect to any 3D Printer.
          You can select the size of:
Entry Hole  depends on the filament size what you are using.
– 1.75 mm dia.
– 3.00 mm dia.
Nozzle Exit Hole  from high-resolution to high-speed                                        – 0.35 mm dia.
– 0.50 mm dia.For exact adjustment to your Extruder:
PTFE Insulator dia. Size:16mm
Standard HotEnd length is 60mm
Please NOTIFY me during the process of buying If you require other product specifications as above
Can be freely configured without additional costs
      You Will Receive
If you are looking for HotEnd parts or RepRap components
      HotEnd Description

Nozzle Exit Hole size is engraved on supporting ring

In the higher temperature zone wires are insulated by fiberglass heat resistant tubing up tp +450°C

Selecting suitable dimensions of HotEnd guaranteed fitting into each type of extruder

– Standard using the PTFE Insulator
PTFE Insulator Size and length should be selected to match the Extruder you are using
Can be mounted using the M5 bolt
– Using threaded rods which give greater stability
You will receive two sets of threaded rod for easy mounting into any type of Extruder
Threaded rods can be bent in any way you want to enable good fitting and easy mounting
Length of the M3 threaded rods depends on HotEnd selected length
You will get all these elements assembled
                        2x M3 threaded rod 100 – 150mm lenght
2x M3 threaded rod 100 – 150mm lenght ( 50mm mounting distance )
8x M3 nuts and washers
Highly recommended to use both assembly methods at the same time

      Brass Heater Ring & Connection
HotEnd is fully wired and equipped with a connectors can be easily connected to Sanguinololu.
For connection with Other Motherboards cut off the plug and connect directly to the board.
With high quality mounted electronic components ensure reliable operation 

               RESISTOR  5R6  7W  5%
Operating temperature :  -55°C ~ +350°C
Temperature Coefficient:  75ppm/°C
                     VISHAY SFERNICE RWM06225R60JA15E1
Technical Data Sheet:  http://www.vishay.com/docs/50008/rwm.pdf


               THERMISTOR  EPCOS  NTC  100k  1%
Operating temperature :  -55°C ~ +300°C
NTC thermistor sealed in Glass Body
Tolerance:  1%
                     EPCOS B57560G104F
Technical Data Sheet:  http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/102485.pdf


If you are using a different motherboard and connector does not fit you can cut the wires and connect them directly to the board
      FREE GIFT Hobbed Bolt Set
          Standard size M8 Hobbed Bolt
M8 Nyloc Nut
4x M8 Washers
      Shipment and Handling
          Time of dispatch within two working days
( Business Hour Monday – Friday )
Delivery Time:  1-2  Working Days Royal Mail First Class Packet

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Nozzle Exit Hole

0.5mm, 0.35mm, 0.25mm, 1mm

Entry Hole

1.75mm, 3mm