3D Printing Service

We are currently upgrading our 3D printing capabilities. 3D printing service is not available temporarily. Please check back later.

3D Printing Service

We offer 3D printing service for you in an affordable price, If you are an industrial designer, 3D printing enthusiastic or just want to own something unique. Then you are at the right place. We can print you objects in one of the following colours: white, black, red, green, blue, pink, orange or the ever favorite glow in the dark green. Materials for larger objects PLA is available what is compostable eco friendly plastic or ABS for smaller objects what is a very strong plastic. All you need is a few easy steps.You can walk in to our London shop or you can order online by email your model in STL or OBJ format to printing.service@replicatorwarehouse.com We will give you a price estimate and the available plastics and colours.

Where to get an object from?


You can check out the amazing Thingiverse website. Thingiverse is dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files. Providing primarily open source hardware designs.

Things Library

Things Library is coming soon.

Design your own object.

There are plenty of easy use or professionally software available like TinkerCadSketchUpBlender 3DOpen ScadAutoCAD 

Order Directly in our Shop

You can walk in our shop in Central London, our staff will take care of your order.

Email Your Model

Please, email us your model for 3D printing to the following email address:


We will give you a quick estimate and the available materials and colours.