R-360 Assembly Instructions – Part 5 – Extruder Holder

5. Extruder Holder

5.1 Parts

Extruder Holder Left

Extruder Holder Right

1 x m3 bolt 20mm

1 x m3 bolt 40mm

1 x m3 bolt hex 50mm

2 x m3 nut

2 x m3 washer


5.2 Assembly

5.2.1 Attach the plastic parts (Extruder Holder Left,Extruder Holder Right) with the 40mm m3 bolt and a nut and washer. The nut goes inside .

5.2.2 Place the 50mm m3 hex bolt pointing upward into the Z axes base.

5.2.3 Fix the extruders to the Z axes base with a 20mm bolt and a nut and washer.

5.3 AssembledIMG_1498