R-360 Assembly Instructions – Part 7.1 – Extruder Body

7 Extruder Assembly

7.1 Extruder Body Assembly

7.1.1 Parts (for all extruder not only this part)

Large Gear

Extruder Body


3x 608 bearrings

2x m8 washers

4x penny washers

1x Nylock m8 Nut

3x m3 10mm bolts

3x m3 washers

1x m8 grub screw

1x m3 hex bolt

1x m3 nut

2x springs

2x m4 bolts

2x m4 washers

2x m4 nuts

IMG_1503 Push The hobbed bolt into the large gear.

IMG_1504 Add two penny and a m8 washer to centre the hobbed section over the hole.

IMG_1505 Add a 608 bearring.

IMG_1506 Push it through the extruder body to align the hobbed section over the hole.

IMG_1507 Add a 608 bearing and m3 washer.

IMG_1509 Add 2 penny washers

IMG_1510 Add a nylock nut. tighten it all the way to keep the hobbed section over the hole. Don’t over tighten it. As this need to rotate.

IMG_1511 Push in the inlet to the extruder body.