Extruder Motor Troubleshooting

Debugging the printer could be puzzling. So I collected here a few typical problems with answers.

Is the motor making some noise, but not moving?
Is the motor moving, but skipping steps?
Give more power to the motor. (by adjusting polulu controller potmeter) Or maybe the hobbed bolt nut is too tight.

Is the motor very loud?
The motor is maybe overpowered, give the motor less power (by adjusting polulu controller potmeter)

Is the motor shaft jumping forward and back?
One of the four cables is broken or cross wired.

Is the Motor turning wrong direction?
Turn the plug around or adjust motor direction in the firmware

Motor not moving at all. Did you heat up the extruder? This is typically min 180C – 200C depends on your settings.
Please make sure it is the extruder heats up, as the software safety features will not allows cold extrusions.

Motor not moving at all. Is it plugged to the right socket?
First extruder should be connected to E1. witch is working together with T1 (first thermistor socket)

Motor not moving at all.  Is the cable broken faulty?
Please test the cable with a multimeter. all cable should show some resistance.

If all above fails:

Motor not moving at all. Faulty motor controller.
Please test with a different polulu motor controller (as maybe the polulu motor controller faulty).

Motor not moving at all. Faulty motor.
Please test with a different motor(or by switch around the cables) To see if the motor faulty.