RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 3 Wood Bento Box Kit – Build your own 3D Printer


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Please Notice: RepRap Kits dispatched within 10 Days after order placed.

Build your own printer with our Prusa Mendel 3 Bento Box Kit

– Full 3d Printer Kit
– 1Kg ABS or PLA filament

The kit is the newest Prusa Mendel Reprap version (iteration 3). With lm8uu linear bearings for smoother operation. Plus we add some extra elements to mix like filament mount and lcd holder and a few more…

We prepare your kit within a week after order.

The 3D Printer kit includes:

  • All Printed parts (with all the best upgrades)
  • Wooden frame
  • Bolts and nuts, bearings and linear bearings, metal couplings, threaded and smooth rods.
  • 5 NEMA17 stepper motors with 1m cables and molex plugs.
  • All in one electronics set what includes Arduino mega 2560, ramps 1.4, Heated Bed, SD card reader and LCD panel, cables, endstops.
  • extruder kit + hobbed bolt
  • GT2 Belts and aluminium pulleys.
  • Software can be downloaded from our support section
  • Laptop Power supplies
  • Kapton tape

Please, email to if you have any questions.

We also offer workshops. Check out some images from our January Workshop. (prusa i2)

 IMG_1174 IMG_1228

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IMG_0997IMG_0939 IMG_0935 IMG_0938 IMG_0936 IMG_0947 IMG_0931 arcol_hu_v411_035_assembled IMG_1134

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