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The 5 Best Small Business Printer in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a printer for a small business is a lot different from choosing a printer for home-usage. For example, when choosing a printer for a home office, your top priority should be a printer that is easy to set up. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a printer for a small-to-medium office, you need a printer with a high printing speed to avoid unnecessary delay.

Printers operate differently and produce different outcomes, and choosing a perfect printer depends on you and what you’re looking for.

This is why we’ve decided to create this list of our top picks for the best small business printer, their specs, pros, and cons.

Without further ado, are you ready to meet your next business printer?

List of the Best Small Business Printers:

  • Canon Color imageClass MF644Cdw – Best Overall
  • Brother MFC-J995DW – Best Budget Printer
  • Canon Color imageClass MF733Cdw – Best All-In-One Printer
  • Brother HL-L8360CDW – Best High Volume Printer
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 – Best Wide Format Printer

Our Top Picks:

PrinterPrinting TechnologyMaximum Paper CapacityFunctionsBlack Printing Speed(ppm)
Canon Color imageClass MF644CdwLaser250Print, copy, scan, and fax22
Brother MFC-J995DW Inkjet150Print, copy, scan, and fax12
Canon Color imageClass MF733CdwLaserExpandable to 850Print, copy, scan, and fax28
Brother HL-L8360CDWLaserExpandable to 1,300Print33
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740InkjetExpandable to 500Print, copy, scan, and fax22

The 5 Best Printers for Small Business in 2020

1. Canon Color imageClass MF644Cdw – Best Overall

Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw

Our top pick for the best small business printer is the Canon MF644Cdw. Canon is known for its high-quality printers that are loved by many.

We mostly recommend this printer for small offices as you’d have the option to choose high-capacity toner cartridges so that you can print more pages. Furthermore, its recommended printing volume is 150 to 2,500 pages per month, which is a wide-ranged volume that will mostly suit small offices as well as home offices.

The laser printer is our favorite for multiple reasons, starting at its printing quality. Even though its printing resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, it is one of the best printers for text documents. Generally, laser printers are preferred for text documents because toner is not prone to smudging like ink is.

The printer comes with auto-duplex printing and an auto-feeder. Besides, you can use the printer to print multiple pages onto one sheet to save some paper in the long run. Moreover, it can also copy, scan, and fax, so it’s more than just a printer.

When it comes to security, the printer only stores your files in short-term memory, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Moreover, the printing speed is 22 ppm(pages-per-minute) in black, which is a relatively high number when compared to most printers on the market. Lastly, you can connect to your printer wirelessly, via USB or even Ethernet.

The only let-down with this printer is that its maximum paper capacity is 250, and it’s not expandable, which can waste a lot of time having to refill it constantly.


  • Easy to set up
  • Recommended up to 2,500 pages/month
  • High printing speed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Secure


  • Constantly goes into sleep mode
  • Bulky size
  • Not suitable for printing pictures
  • Maximum paper capacity is only 250
  • High initial cost

Final Verdict

The MF644Cdw is one of the best color printer for small business. Its recommended printing volume is quite high, and you can choose to purchase high-capacity toner cartridges that can save you a lot of time and money.

Moreover, the printer can connect to all your devices wirelessly or through USB, not to mention, it can also copy, scan, and fax.

2. Brother MFC-J995DW – Best Budget Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW

In second place is the Brother MFC-J995DW, which is our budget pick for the best small business printer.

With a recommended printing volume of 1,500 pages per month, the MFC-J995DW is one of the best printers for small offices and home offices.

In addition to the initial cost being low, it also comes with INKvestement ink tanks, which come with up to one year of ink, at a monthly average of 150 pages. That calculates to about 1,800 pages per tank. There’s also the XL model that comes with two years of ink, which calculates to about 3,600 pages.

Because it is an inkjet printer, it is suitable for printing pictures, especially with its 6000×1200 dpi of printing resolution.

A useful feature of this printer is its Page Gauge, which is a visual representation of how much ink is left to avoid any inconvenience.

In addition to printing, it can also scan, copy, and fax. Besides, the printer comes with an auto-duplex feature and an auto-feeder. However, keep in mind that it cannot scan both sides of the page at the same time, which is a let-down, to be honest.

Furthermore, the printer can connect to all devices and print at a speed of 12 ppm in black, which is a little too slow for a packed office. However, that is not an issue in home offices.

Unfortunately, its printing capacity is only 150 pages, meaning you’d have to refill it quite often.


  • INKvestment
  • 2-year warranty
  • High printing quality
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 150 pages of paper capacity
  • Low printing speed
  • Can only scan one side of a page at a time

Final Verdict

The Brother MFC-J995DW is a printer we mostly recommend for home offices due to its budget-friendly price and its relatively small size. In addition, INKvestment tanks could really save you a lot of money if you use them correctly.

However, keep in mind that it cannot scan two sides at once, and also its printing speed is not the highest out there.

3. Canon Color imageClass MF733Cdw – Best All-In-One Printer

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw

Finding an excellent all-in-one printer is not easy; there’s always a function that’s defective or just not good enough. However, the Canon MF733Cdw is here to the rescue.

The printer has a recommended volume of 750 to 4,000 per month, which is optimum for offices, whether big or small. The wide range of the recommended volume is flexible to work with for most small businesses.

The laser printer has an excellent value for the money. In spite of its high price point, it’ll save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Besides, you can choose to go for high capacity toner cartridges for the best value.

Furthermore, its printing resolution is 1200×1200 dpi in addition to the fact that the printer comes with Vivid and Vibrant Color Technology for vibrant colors, it’ll produce high-quality printings.

Because it is an all-in-one printer, it can also copy, scan, and fax easily and in high-quality, too. Also, it is an auto-duplex printer with an auto-feeder as well, not to mention, it offers universal connectivity.

Moreover, it has a high printing speed of 28 ppm in black; in addition, its 250 paper capacity is expandable to 850, which is a massive bonus for offices.


  • High initial cost
  • High capacity toner tank
  • Paper capacity expandable to 850
  • 3-year warranty
  • High printing speed


  • Heavyweight
  • The touch screen is not always responsive
  • High initial cost

Final Verdict

The MF733Cdw is one of the best all-in-one printers for small business that you’ll find on the market. The printer can have a paper capacity expansion to 850 pages, which can be a serious time-saver, especially in a packed office.

Its printing quality is high with vivid colors, and it has a wide recommended volume that can suit any office printing volume.

4. Brother HL-L8360CDW – Best High Volume Printer

Brother HL-L8360CDW

Not all printers can take the beating of high-volume printing; it’ll either cost too much, or it’ll break-down after a couple of months. Well, not the HL-L8360CDW, anyway.

With a recommended printing volume up to 4,000 per month, you could also go for super high-yield toner cartridges that can print up to 6,500 pages. In addition to that outstanding number, it’ll also save you up to 40% of the cost of toner.

If that’s not enough to convince you that this laser printer is perfect for high-volume, perhaps its printing resolution of 2400×600 dpi will. It produces high-quality printings, whether you’re printing pictures or text documents.

Moreover, the printer’s speed is at 33 ppm in both black and color printing, which is the fastest printing speed on this list, and one of the fastest on the whole market of printers.

Furthermore, the printer comes with triple layer security, which means that you can restrict the amount of printing, which is a perfect feature for bigger offices with multiple employees.

It also offers auto-duplex printing and universal connectivity. However, this is strictly a printer; it cannot copy or scan.

Lastly, its printing capacity is 250, but it’s expandable up to 1,300 pages, which is unmatched by any other printer on the list. You wouldn’t need to worry about refilling your printer any time soon.


  • High printing speed
  • Triple-layer security
  • Super high-yield toner cartridges
  • Up to 4,000 recommended volume per month
  • 1-year warranty


  • Cannot copy or scan
  • Heavyweight
  • Wireless connection glitches

Final Verdict

If you’re printing in high volume, you know how hard it is to find a printer that can withstand such volume. The HL-L8360 is a considerable money-saver when it comes to high volume and that’s why listed here of one of the best printer for small business, especially if you purchase super high-yield toner cartridges.

Its paper capacity starts at 250 pages, but it is expandable to 1,300, so you don’t even need to think about refilling your printer in the near future.

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 – Best Wide Format Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

In fifth place is the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740, which is the only printer that is capable of printing wide-format up to 11 x 17” on our list.

Wide-format printing is used for banners, plans, and a wide variety of artistic options.

Its monthly recommended volume is 250 to 1,500 pages, which is not optimum for high-volume; however, it is a good range for home offices and small offices. Also, you could go for high-yield cartridges to save some money in the long run.

Moreover, the inkjet printer has a printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which means that it produces high-quality printing with vivid colors.

With a printing speed of 22 ppm in black, it is a quick printer that will not waste your time. Besides, it can connect to all your devices wirelessly or via USB.

The printer can also copy, scan, and fax with an auto-feeder and auto-duplex. However, the maximum size of the auto-feeder is 8.5 x 14”, meaning you cannot use the auto-feeder for wide-format, which is a let down if you’re planning to print in high volumes.

Its paper capacity is 250, but it is expandable to 500, which is still not the best paper capacity, but we’ve already established that this printer is better suited for small offices or home offices.

Lastly, multiple users have reported issues with wide-format printing where your printed image will have some white lines across the page. Another issue is that the printer stops printing altogether if one color runs out, even if you’re not using that color.


  • High printing speed
  • Wide-format printing
  • High-quality printings


  • Stops printing when one color runs out
  • Some products have defects with wide-format printing
  • Possible paper jams

Final Verdict

The OfficeJet Pro 7740 is a wide-format printer, which is not as easy to find as you’d think. In addition, it can also copy, scan, and fax. Its printing speed is quite high, and its paper capacity is expandable to 500.

Overall, it doesn’t have the highest specs out there, but it would be perfect for home offices or small volume usage in general.

How to Pick The Best Printer for Small Business

1. Laser vs. Inkjet

Choosing between laser and inkjet depends on your budget, printing volume, and what you’ll be printing.

For example, the initial cost of laser printers is higher than inkjet printers. However, in the long run, laser printers are a better investment as toner cartridges are not as expensive as ink.

Laser printers pioneer in text document printing because they’re generally more accurate, as opposed to inkjet printers because ink is prone to smudging or running than toner.

However, when it comes to printing pictures, inkjet printers take the cake. Ink produces better-looking images with more vivid colors.

So, generally, if you’ll be printing text documents in high-volume, you should opt for a laser printer as you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run. Also, you’re guaranteed sharp printings that are perfect for text.

On the other hand, if you won’t be using your printer often, or you’ll be printing pictures, inkjet printers are for you, without a doubt.

2. Functions

A lot of printers out there are strictly printers, they cannot copy or scan, like the Brother HL-L8360CDW. It is an excellent printer, but that’s about it.

For small businesses, it’s more logical to invest in a printer that can also copy and scan, rather than having to purchase a separate copying and scanning machine.

If you know for sure you don’t need copying or scanning, then save those extra dollars and go for a strict printer. However, we would advise against it because copying is an essential part of any business, and you’ll find yourself needing a copying machine at some point.

3. Printing Speed

Printing speed is a crucial part to look out for, especially if you’ll be printing in high volumes or if the printer will be used in a packed office.

Most printers on this list have printing speeds that are higher than average; some even go as high as 33 ppm like Brother HL-L8360CDW.

So, it’s quite obvious. If you know that having any delay in printing could cost you a lot more than those few seconds, don’t settle for a slow printer.

On the other hand, if it’s for a home office, and only a few people will be using the printer, it may not be worth paying more for a speedy printer.

4. Recommended Volume

Every manufacturer specifies a recommended volume for their printer to guarantee the longest lifespan possible, which means that it is not a recommendation to be ignored.

You should be able to tell how much you’ll be printing per month. If you’re unsure, some printers come with a wide range of volume, like the Canon MF644Cdw, with a recommended volume of 150 to 2,500 pages per month.

Look for a printer with a recommended volume that is close to your printing. Don’t worry about being too precise, just make sure you’re in the right range, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

Printing is essential at this point in time. Whether you’ll be printing legal documents, reports, or just documentation, a small business cannot go without a printer.

However, not every printer on the market is perfect for small businesses. Some printers are better for high volumes, and some others are better for printing in wide-format.

If you’re still unsure, we’ll recap our top three picks for the best small business printer in 2020.

In first place is the Canon MF644Cdw that we believe is the best printer for small offices. Its printing quality is high, it is easy to set up, and it’s printing speed is above average. Moreover, its recommended volume is 150 to 2,500 pages per month, which fits most small offices.

In second place is the Brother MFC-J995DW, which is also our budget-pick. Its initial cost is low, and it features INKvestment tanks for the best value. Furthermore, we mostly recommend this printer for small volumes, like home offices, as it is an inkjet printer with a recommended volume of 1,500 pages per month.

In third place is the Canon MF733Cdw, which is our all-in-one top pick, meaning it can also copy, scan, and fax. We recommend this printer for medium-sized offices as its recommended volume is 750 to 4,000 pages per month, and its paper capacity is expandable to 850 sheets.

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