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The 6 Best Printers for Stickers 2024 – By Experts

With the right printer, you can create and customize stickers and labels from the comfort of your home or place of preference using various printing media, from paper to vinyl. However, with so many options on the market today, pinpointing the right printer can be a daunting feat. But worry not, as this article is going to help you find the best printer for stickers, so stick around.

List of the Top Printers for Stickers

Epson Expression ET-2750 – Lowest Running Cost
Canon PIXMA TS6220 – Best for Budget
HP OfficeJet 3830 – Best Laser Printer for Stickers
Canon PIXMA Pro 100 – Best Inkjet Printer for Stickers
HP OfficeJet 5255 – Best for Planner Stickers
Epson SureColor P600 – Best for Vinyl Printing

Vinyl Sticker Printer Comparison Table:

ProductMax ResolutionMax SpeedAuto Document Feeder
Epson Expression ET-27505760 x 1440 dpi10.5 ppmNo
Canon PIXMA TS62204800 x 1200 dpi,15 ppmNo
HP OfficeJet 38301200 x 1200 dpi8.5 ppmYes
Canon PIXMA Pro 1004800 x 2400 dpi 9.2 ppmYes
HP OfficeJet 52551200 x 1200 dpi10 ppmYes
Epson SureColor P6005760 x 1440 dpi6 ppmYes

The 6 Top Printers for Stickers in 2024

Printers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but not all of them are capable of producing high-quality stickers. Sifting through countless products to find the perfect printer for your needs can be pretty time-consuming, so we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best printers for stickers available today.

1- Epson Expression ET-2750 – Lowest Running Cost

Epson Expression ET-2750

The Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank is an all-in-one wireless printer that’s designed for bulk printing, thanks to its continuous ink supply system. This is an excellent printer for those who are looking to reduce printings costs to a minimum.

However, you must keep in mind that as running costs decrease, quality tends to degrade as well. We’re not saying that this printer’s image quality is bad, but it’s definitely not on par with premium units that are intended for high-quality printing.

To give you an idea of how inexpensive this unit’s running costs are, a single monochrome page is going to set you back a mere 0.3 cents, whereas printing in color will set you back 0.8 cents per page.

In other words, if you require high-volume sticker printing at the lowest cost possible, it doesn’t get any more cost-effective than the Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank. The upfront cost, however, is comparatively high. Nevertheless, the unit will help save you a ton of money in the long run.

This all-in-one printer comes with dedicated ink bottles that help you replenish the tanks very easily. A single black ink bottle will help you print up to 7500 monochrome pages.

Speed-wise, this isn’t the fastest printer out there, which might deter a sticker printing business owner from buying it. The device can print 4.8 pages per minute with graphics. And as we previously mentioned, this isn’t a printer that’s designed to deliver superior image quality. It’s best suited for average-quality use cases such as printing labels and stickers

We would’ve liked this printer to have an ethernet port, but it’s not much of an issue since it has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct connectivity. But sadly, the Epson Expression ET-2750 doesn’t feature an ADF for the scanner.

  • Offers a cost-effective operation
  • Suitable for high-volume printing
  • Can print, copy, and fax
  • Features wireless connectivity
  • Tanks can easily be replenished
  • Printing speed is very mediocre
  • It lacks an ADF for the scanner

Final Verdict

The Epson Expression ET-2750 is perfect for hobbyists who are looking to print a lot of stickers with average quality without paying too much money. However, even though it’s perfect for bulk printing, we wouldn’t recommend it for business endeavors due to its slower printing speed.

2. Canon PIXMA TS6220 – Best for Budget

Canon PIXMA TS6220

The PIXMA TS6220 from Canon is one of the most versatile budget printers on the market. It’s not designed specifically for printing stickers and labels, but it’s pretty capable when it comes to anything that has to do with graphic designs. 

The PIXMA TS6220 houses 5 ink cartridges, 3 of which are dye-based color ink cartridges and the other 2 being black pigment ink cartridges. This is unconventional considering that most printers house only 4 ink cartridges, but this is actually what sets the PIXMA apart because it grants it a ton of versatility and a superior tonal range, which is rare to find in budget printers. 

This stickers printer has a reliable printing speed of 15 pages per minute for grayscale printing and 10 pages per minute for color. Further, the printing quality is good, with a printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. The image quality will satisfy both hobbyists and small business owners alike.

Even though this printer comes at a very wallet-friendly price, it still manages to retain a lot of advanced features such as wireless connectivity and built-in Bluetooth. With such features at your disposal, you can print stickers using your smartphone device via apps like AirPrint and Mopria. 

This budget printer is also equipped with a scanner that offers a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. This is a decent scanning quality for normal use. It’s not the best we’ve seen, but it’s good for the price. 

Contrary to the Expression ET-2750, the PIXMA TS6220 has a low upfront cost but a high cost of running, which is why we don’t recommend it for bulk printing. It’s ideal for low-duty printing purposes only, unless you don’t mind paying a ton of money on printing costs. 

To give you an estimate, a black page will cost you anywhere from 4-6 cents using this printer, whereas a white page will cost around 14 cents. As you can see, the difference in running costs between this unit and the ET-2750 is significant.

  • Great value for the price
  • Terrific printing quality
  • Exceptional tonal range
  • Wireless printing capabilities
  • Can print, copy, and scan
  • Running cost is notably high
  • No third-party ink providers

Final Verdict

The Canon PIXMA TS6220 is best-suited for high-quality, low-volume printing. It’s not suitable for business use because of its high running costs compared to other options. It’s excellent for hobbyists who are looking for a wireless, all-in-one printer for stickers and labels.

3. HP OfficeJet 3830 – Best Laser Printer for Stickers

HP OfficeJet 3830

The HP OfficeJet 3830 is a top contender when it comes to on-the-go printing. This device is so compact and lightweight that you can move it around with ease. It measures 17.72 x 14.33 x 8.54 inches and weighs only 12 pounds. 

Like most of the devices on our list, this is an all-in-one printer, meaning you can use it to copy, scan, print, or fax. It’s also compatible with a wide range of platforms. With the aid of the ePrint app, you can integrate your Android or iOS device with the printer for mobile printing. 

To add, this printer has the AirPrint feature, which allows for mobile integration without the need for a network.

The device is compatible with Instant Ink, so you never have to run out of ink when performing printing duties. You can purchase the unit with or without Instant Ink, depending on your needs.

Speed-wise, the OfficeJet 3830 can print 8.5 black pages per minute and 6 color pages per minute. It has an input capacity of 60 sheets and an output capacity of 25 sheets. This isn’t a lot compared to other units, but it’s quite satisfactory. 

Further, the device features an automatic document feature with a capacity of 35 sheets. This is one of the strongest selling points of this printer. For easy navigation, the OfficeJet 3830 flaunts a 2.2 mono touchscreen. It’s not the largest screen out there, but it’s amply commodious. 

Another strong selling point is the optional quiet mode. This is a mode that you can activate in a working environment or so that you don’t disturb the people around you. It also comes in handy if you want to get something printed late at night but don’t want to wake the folks at home. 

The printer is compatible with Amazon’s Ink Replenishment service, meaning that once you sign up for the replenishment service and activate the printer, it’ll automatically gauge the ink levels and reorder when the ink is about to run out.

  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Can copy, scan, and fax
  • Excellent for mobile printing
  • Operation is extremely quiet
  • Excellent laser printing quality
  • Doesn’t have an ethernet port
  • No double-sided printing feature

Final Verdict

Not quite fond of inkjet printers and you’re looking for laser-quality printing? It doesn’t get better than the popular OfficeJet 5255. It’s one of the most compact and convenient printers on the list. It doesn’t feature an ethernet port, but it does offer wireless printing capabilities.

4. Canon PIXMA Pro 100 – Best Inkjet Printer for Stickers

Canon PIXMA Pro 100

The Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is arguably the most advanced printer on this list. It’s costly, but its steep price tag is justified with unprecedented performance and a ton of features. Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking for a printer for your business, the Pro 100 will certainly impress. 

Most of the printers on this list utilize 4 or 5 dye-based inks, whereas the PIXMA Pro 100 uses a total of 8 individual dye-based inks. This ensures an unrivaled tonal range and utter realism. Put simply, this printer will deliver prints that look exactly similar to the original picture on the device paired with the printer. 

This one of the best printers for stickers no matter if you’re printing in grayscale or color. 3 of the 8 inks are grayscale inks that are dedicated to printing sharp black and white photos, whereas the other 5 inks are dedicated solely to color photos. 

This all-in-one printer is equipped with an OIG system that helps you choose the most optimal color combination and ink for each individual print, which ensures superior image quality in the most natural way possible. 

What we love the most about this system is that it can detect a wide range of printing mediums. If you want to print vinyl stickers, you’re going to like this unit, as it can detect vinyl without any issues. 

Another awesome thing about the OIG system is that it carries out automatic calculations with factors such as density and tone taken into consideration to deliver balanced colors and overall excellent results. This machine will deliver the best possible image quality without any sort of supervision or effort on your end. 

If you have an iOS device, you’ll be happy to know that this inkjet printer features AirPrint technology, which will allow you to print various types of media from your iOS device without having to install a driver. Such media types include photos, documents, emails, and more. 

Lastly, the device is equipped with a 2-way paper feeding system, which is a feature that not so many printers have. One of the feeders is intended for thick paper and non-paper materials like vinyl, whereas the other feeder is intended for common media.

  • Notably high printing resolution
  • Produces sharp realistic images
  • Wireless printing capabilities
  • Excellent compatibility range
  • Houses an automatic feeder
  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • Construction is on the bulkier side

Final Verdict

The Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is the ultimate printer for sticker printing. This unit can do it all, from superb black and white printing to vivid color printing. The 2-way paper feeding system and OIG system are enough to get anyone sold on its capabilities. We’re simply in awe of this printer.

5. HP OfficeJet 5255 – Best for Planner Stickers

HP OfficeJet 5255

The OfficeJet 5255 is yet another great printer for stickers that you ought to consider if you’re on a tight budget. Despite being one of the most affordable printers on this list, this unit has all the essential features required for efficient, high-quality printing. 

The HP OfficeJet 5255 is designed to replace the older OfficeJet 4560. The difference between the units is that the 5255 offers Bluetooth Smart technology, faster printing speed, and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. 

This is a wireless all-in-one printer, meaning you can use it to scan, copy, print, or fax. It flaunts a 35-page document feeder that spares you the effort of having to feed the paper yourself. To add, it flaunts 2-sided printing capabilities, so you can print double-sided prints in one go. 

Like the OfficeJet 3830, this grayscale and color printer features a 2.2-inch mono touchscreen that ensures ease of navigation. It’s faster than its predecessor, though, with the ability to print 10 black papers or 7 colored papers in one minute. 

The output capacity hasn’t changed since the OfficeJet 3830, as it remains 25 sheets, whereas the input capacity has been improved to 100 sheets. The device supports HP Instant Ink, which ensures free ink delivery during the first couple of months of enrolling in the service. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to a plan. The plans start at $2.99 per month after the trial period. 

Being an HP printer, the device features the HP Smart app, which enables you to set up the printer in no time. It also enables you to scan documents with your phone camera, print from cloud platforms like Google Drive or iCloud, and print from your social media accounts. 

This unit’s wireless connectivity is superior to other competitors, thanks to the incorporation of dual-band Wi-Fi technology as well as Bluetooth Smart. The 5255 can print anything from PDF files and email attachments to flyers, stickers, and labels. Further, it’s compatible with a broad range of devices and features USB connectivity.

  • Wireless printing capabilities
  • Touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Produces high-quality prints
  • Equipped with a 35-sheet ADF
  • Listed at a budget-friendly price
  • ADF lacks an auto-duplexing feature
  • High running cost without Instant Ink

Final Verdict

Not satisfied with the printing speed that the OfficeJet 3830 has to offer? The OfficeJet 5255 has a lot of the same features, but with faster performance, improved connectivity, and higher input capacity. We’d highly recommend this printer for hobbyists trying to create planner stickers.

6. Epson SureColor P600 – Best for Vinyl Printing

Epson SureColor P600

We’ve already established that the Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is one of those can-do-it-all printers that are able to produce vinyl stickers, but if you’re looking for a printer that specializes in printing on this challenging medium, you ought to check out the SureColor P600 from Epson. 

In addition to printing on vinyl, the SureColor P600 can print on a wide variety of common and not-so-common mediums. Further, this is one of the sleekest printers on the list, with its simple, sharp aesthetics and jet black finish.  

The device is equipped with all of the advanced functionalities that you’d expect to see in most modern printers, from touchscreen navigation to Wi-Fi connectivity. And speaking of the screen, it measures around 3.5 inches. It’s an LCD screen, so everything will look crisp and clear even in non-ideal lighting conditions. 

The device supports both grayscale and color printing. It features an exceptional printing resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi, so you should expect high-quality prints and vivid vinyl stickers. Moreover, the unit is perfect for printing wider stickers, as it can print up to 13 inches. 

Like the PIXMA Pro 100, this unit features 8 inks that are Ultra Chrome pigment-based, so not only will your prints be super vivid and stunning, but they’ll be very durable as well. 

The printer features 3 different black inks, which helps ensure remarkable grayscale printing no matter the printing medium. All of the ink cartridges flaunt a great capacity of around 25 ml, so you’re guaranteed continuous, uninterrupted printing. 

Similar to all of the printers on our list, the Epson Surecolor P600 features several connectivity options, from wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi to wired connectivity via USB and ethernet. Some of the media types that this unit supports include paper, vinyl, canvas, CD/DVD, photo paper, and glossy photo paper.

  • Perfect for printing wider stickers
  • Archival printing capabilities
  • Printing quality is pretty admirable
  • Various connectivity options
  • Cartridges have high ink capacity
  • Suffers from occasional lagging
  • Fine-art papers are hard to feed

Final Verdict

The Epson SureColor P600 is another top contender for the title of the best printer for sticker printing, alongside the Canon PIXMA Pro 100. It’s quite costly, but it’ll unlock a wide door of possibilities for you, from high-quality color and grayscale paper printing to efficient printing on vinyl.

How to Choose a Vinyl Stickers Printer?

Finding the best printer for stickers doesn’t only boil down to learning about the best options on the market, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for and what to inspect. To ensure the most value for your money, we recommend you take the following factors into consideration. 

Print Quality

When it comes to printing stickers and labels, the fidelity of the print is everything. Print quality is typically influenced by the printing resolution a printer can achieve. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality will be. Printers with higher printing resolution tend to be quite costly, though. 

Print Finish

You also need to pay attention to the type of finish that the printer offers. This boils down to the type of paper you choose to use. If you choose to use matter paper, then you should expect to have stickers with a coated finish. These are ideal for outdoor use and have a pretty long life. 

Utilizing glossy paper, on the other hand, will give you a more vibrant finish that you’ll find more attractive to look at. This type of finish is best suited for indoor use and requires permanent ink to ensure durability and longevity. 

Printing Speed

Speed is a critical factor to consider when in the market for any type of printer, as it dictates the volume you can achieve per minute. Hobbyists might not require the fastest printers, but if you own a sticker painting business, it’s best to go for a relatively fast unit so that it can satisfy your daily production needs. 

Running Costs

Some printers are listed at a budget-friendly upfront cost, but buying one of them doesn’t mean you’re saving money. You want to pay attention to the running costs more than the upfront cost. You don’t want to buy a cheap stickers printer that demands frequent cartridge replacements or ink replenishment. 

Some printers might be pretty expensive, but they have features that help them save on ink so that their running costs are reduced to a minimum. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your needs and budget. If you’re a hobbyist who does not need high-volume production, then running costs aren’t going to affect you so much. But if you’re the owner of a printing business, you need a cost-effective printer. 


The more connectivity options a printer has, the more convenient it’s going to be. Most modern printers flaunt wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, which allows you to print images and documents from your smartphone device. Also, consider a printer that features an ethernet port as well as a USB port for wired connectivity.

Don’t forget to see this video of How to Make Stickers at Home:

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the absolute best sticker printers on the market today. We’re quite confident that one of the above-reviewed products will meet your needs and budget, and with the aid of our concise buying guide, you’ll find it easy to pinpoint that perfect stickers printer. 

If we were to crown a winner, we’d have to go with the Canon PIXMA Pro 100, as it’s the most advanced and most versatile printer on this list, followed by the Epson SureColor P600.

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