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21 Cool Things To 3D Print: Best 3D Printing Ideas

3D printing is addictive. There is no limitation to the things you can print using these cool things to 3d print. In this article, we will take you through twenty 3D prints we find cool and handy. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the 3d printer ideas today!

1. A Cover for Your Webcam

A Cover for Your Webcam

We all appreciate privacy, and most of us have a sticker on our webcams.  Others have their webcams disconnected to avoid anyone invading their privacy. This 3D printed piece of plastic gives a more practical solution so that you can keep your webcam active and use it whenever you need it while you protect your privacy.

You can download the file from here.

2. A Self-Watering Planter

A Self-Watering Planter

Do you want to avoid your plants dying from neglect and, at the same time, have an attractive décor? This self-watering planter is the right way to go. It looks sophisticated, and you won’t feel guilty when you get too busy to care about watering your plant.

You can download the file from here.

3. Wall Flower Mount

Wall Flower Mount

Another simple yet sophisticated planting decoration is this beautiful flower mount. You will water your plant through a cloud that diffuses the water into raindrops. 

 You can download the file from here.

4. Plantygon – Modular Geometric stacking Planter for Succulents

4. Plantygon – Modular Geometric stacking Planter for Succulents

This aesthetic Plantygon for growing succulents has a modern, classy touch. The planters are sloped manner allowing the drainage of the neighboring planters.

You can download the file from here.

5. Headphone Rest

Headphone Rest

I come across a couple of headphones that stand every day while going through the internet. However, these particular ones got my attention. It is different, kind of elegant and it goes more with the music mood. I recommend you try this and your headphones will thank you later.

You can download the file from here.

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6. Pandoro Tealight Candle Holder

Pandoro Tealight Candle Holder

This tealight candle holder is inspired by the traditional Italian Christmas sweet pandoro. It has a festive touch to it, and I personally find it to be heart-capturing.

You can download the file from here.

7. Filigree Double Wall Tealight Holder

Filigree Double Wall Tealight Holder

It’s a perfect decoration for a candle dinner. I find it to be compelling. You only need to make sure to use it indoors away from the wind.

You can download the file from here.

8. Voronoi Mushroom Lamp

Voronoi Mushroom Lamp

This mushroom lamp is a perfect gift and suitable for kids’ rooms. The design will impress you, and you can use LED light inside of it. Your kids will appreciate it.

You can download the file from here.

9. Flippy Desk Calendar

Flippy Desk Calendar

If you are fond of desk decorations, you will absolutely adore this calendar. It’s colorful, handy, and also eye-catching. You will appreciate the old times’ gestures in the digital world we’re living in today.

You can download the file from here.

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10. Pen and Pencil Holder

Pen and Pencil Holder

And while we are desk decorations, we have to mention this pencil holder. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long while, and we appreciate the artistic taste. It feels more like a sculpture, so, you will admire the creativity of the design.

You can download the file from here.

11. Droplet Vase

Droplet Vase

Something about this vase design is so calming. I’m not sure if it is because it looks like a teardrop, or because it has sharp edges with such a smooth finish. It looks modern and stylish. It is unique in a lot of ways.

You can download the file from here.

12. Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

Are you tired of changing the toilet rolls every other day? This is the perfect solution for you. This sheep toilet roll holder can carry seven rolls at the same time. It’s convenient and will save you some time and effort, so we totally recommend it.

You can download the file from here.

13. SD/MicroSD Holder

SD-MicroSD Holder

SD cards are easy to lose. This is why this print could be a saver in a lot of scenarios. It’s small, and you can carry it around all the time, and you will never lose your memory cards.

You can download the file from here.

14. Slider Task Manager

Slider Task Manager

This is a magnet slider that you can stick to your fridge to remind yourself of the things you have to do daily. You can change the text on the print to make it say whatever you want. It’s simple and also a bit fancy for a magnet. Not to mention how handy it is.

You can download the slider task manager file from here.

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15. Cable Holders

Cable Holders

Trust me, you will probably need to print five of these, especially if you have kids running all around the house.  The cable holders will make sure no one trips over and break their legs, or possibly a device. Add to this that they make the surroundings look clean and tidy instead of the ugly figure of cables tangled all around.

You can download them from here.

16. iCable Guards

iCable Guards

Since Apple failed to fix its cables, Sergio Romero decided to take matters into his own hands and designed these cable guards. All apple users are thanking you, Sergio.

You can download the file from here.

17. Bookmarks/Paper Clips

Bookmarks-Paper Clips

Here’s one for all the bookworms out there. I fell in love with these paper clips the minute my eyes fell on them. They are colorful and look way fancier than the cartoon or paper ones we all use. If you are planning any reading events, these are perfect for you.

You can download the file from here.

18. Slide Bag Clips

Slide Bag Clips

There goes another handy 3D print that you will use every day. We all use cereals and chips all the time. I’m sure everyone had an issue sealing a bad after they have used what they need before. Well, with these clips, the problem is solved.

You can download the file from here.

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19. Wall Outlet Shelf

Wall Outlet Shelf

This is a handy gadget, especially at offices and companies or maybe at school. Instead of placing your phone on the floor while it is charging because there’s no nearby table, use this to guard your phone.

You can download the file from here.

20. Groovi Monster

Groovi Monster

If you have a 3D printer, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy Bluetooth speakers or amplifiers. Instead, print your own speaker, and it will be more than enough.

You can download the file from here.



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