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Easy 3D Printing Ideas For Beginners [Beginner 3D Printing Projects]

Are you planning on acquiring a 3D printer? Or you already got one at home? You are many steps ahead in this new trend of 3D printing. According to 3D industry projections, 3D printers will be a must-have home appliance soon. With a 3D printer, you can have fun and make money. But, where is the fun while you have run out of cool 3D printing ideas? Or you can’t find beginner-friendly ideas? Fret not.

We have examined numerous 3D printing ideas over the internet and filtered out the clutter. We kicked the doodads off to compile a list of easy 3D printing ideas for beginners. You are sure to be making helpful stuff that everybody wants. This list covers a range of home items, tools, and accessories you can print. Let’s dig in.

Easy 3D Printing Ideas For Beginners

In everything we are good at doing, we were once a beginner. Fortunately for you, 3D printing has been around for decades now. There are tons of easy 3D printing ideas you can try. And most of these ideas require no added parts.

The ideas presented here range from very easy to slightly complex. The designers have given self-explanatory instructions while leaving enough room for your creativity. Get your printer ready because you’re about to prove the power of 3D printing.

Money Clip

Money clips keep bills together, well straightened. Besides, money clips are a great alternative to wallets. These advantages make this idea of printing a money clip all exciting. 

You print the money clip as a single 3D print part. The design is all customizable. The dimensions, color, and shape are all changeable.

The best money clip-printing tutorial is by Tweak the design to your custom size. To make it even better, create a grip dip on the money clip body. This idea takes an hour to 3D print.

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The best way to keep Covid-19 infections low is to wear a mask. The covid-19 pandemic has had the demand for masks rise. And buying masks every now and then gets tiring.

The good news is, Solid Cad Works has an excellent design for 3D printing a mask. They are easy instructions to follow, and you end up with a Copper 3D mask. These 3D prints are reusable, comfortable, and well designed to protect you.

You can 3D print masks for friends and your community. Did you say you didn’t know if you could make some money? Now you got a way.

Stationery Holder

An organized workstation is a motivator for productivity and focus. How do you keep things in place? Cults got you covered with their beautiful designs for stationery holders. Several of these desktop organizers and your desk turn into a beauty.

The stationery holder is an easy 3D print idea very favorable for a beginner. More so, you get creative altering the designs to fit your personality.

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Smartphone Or Tablet Stand

According to, there are 2.71 billion smartphones worldwide. Surprising right? These numbers show the potential market for 3D-printed smartphone holders. And Thingiverse has got this idea all figured out.

Sonia Verdu designed this 3D smartphone stand to fit almost all sizes and models. The frame is sturdy but straightforward. You can use it on a flat surface or hang it on a wall. Further, there is an allowance for plugging in your charger.

This easy idea takes an hour or less to 3D print. With video calls and movie watching becoming a primary use for smartphones, a 3D stand makes a great home and office accessory.

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USB Cable Savers

All USB cables have one flaw in common. They fray easily on both ends. Quite frustrating given the price of a new cable. Keep your 3D printer running because you are about to get a solution.

Thingiverse comes to your rescue once more.

They have an excellent USB cable savers 3D design for you to try out. These prints are in pairs for each end of your USB cable. Go ahead and print your favorite colors to extend the life of your USB cables.

Earphones Case

Everyone wishes to keep great earphones for a long. Losing those music companions pains. The bottom line to extend their usage is to have an earphones case.

This 3D printing idea is from Thingiverse. Easy to implement, and the resulting 3D earphone case blows your mind off. The design fits most earphones, but you can customize it if you wish.

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Cable Spools

Cables are an essential part of our lives. And keeping these many cables in order can be a difficult task. A cables’ spooler saves the day.

Cable spools are another 3D print idea you can try from Thingiverse. These cable spools help you keep cables at the length you need. Likewise, several of them eliminate your mess of wires and organize your cables neatly.

The design is scalable to accommodate long cables or bundles of wires. Your electrician friends will be ordering one from you soon.

AC Adapter Organizer

This easy 3D printing idea results in a beautiful organizer for USB charger heads and AC adapters. These AC adapters are easily mountable on the walls of your store. You can then plug in those big AC plugs into these organizers.

These organizers are one-piece 3D prints, printable in under an hour. Several of them keep your adapters in one place and saves you space.

Plastic Bag Handle

I know you hate how heavy shopping bags cut into your finger. But your 3D printer can save you that agony through this fantastic idea. The plastic bag handle has an ergonomic design to ease your pain away.

The plastic bag handle 3D print fits your fingers perfectly. Moreover, it’s wide enough to distribute weight evenly—print one for a comfortable post-shopping experience.

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Self-Watering Planter

A potted plant brings nature close to your working area. It not only refreshes the air around your desk but also causes a relaxing effect. That plant or herb requires frequent watering. But we all know how easy we forget such tasks.

Should you throw the herb away? You don’t have to. Your 3D printer can quickly solve the watering problem through a two-part self-watering planter. This easy-to-do 3D printing idea takes up to two hours to finish depending on size. You can print the size that fits your water-intensive herb.

The planter is easy to maintain, print, and clean. You only need water once a week, and the port keeps your herb hydrated. All thanks to the designer, Parallel Goods.

Thin Man

Toys lighten the mood of your work environment. This series of ‘thin men’ contains designs of 2mm thick characters in different postures. Your 3D printer can finally make you an army of thin friends to share your desk.

The creator designed the thin men with different levels of printing difficulty, depending on the postures. Whereas the whole series is beginner-friendly, some poses require creativity to enable them to stand. Give this easy idea a try and have thin men lighten your dull days.

Flower Vase

Flower vases are a challenging print. But you can easily pull it off with a bit of patience and practice. The beautifully designed vases blow away anyone who sets eyes on them. Further, the design is fully customizable. You can change the color, size, and outside decorations.

If you correctly 3D print this vase, your worry of what to gift your friends vanishes. Besides, you only need to water fill it, add some fresh flowers, and there you get a remarkable piece of home décor.

Mods For Nerf Gun

This print brightens a slow afternoon for you and your friends. Nerf guns are cheap and available in your local store. With your 3D printer, you can use the mods printing idea to make ‘bullets’ for your ‘rifle.’ To fit more or bigger mods, you can print modifications to your Nerf guns.

Grab the print files at and get your printer rolling. Your friends deserve a fun-filled Nerf guns fight.

Flexi Rex

Flexi Rex is simple to print and durable. The many uses of this print make it a worthy idea to try. Initially built for Settlers of Catan, this toy print suffices gaming, office décor, and as a play toy for kids.

The design is fully customizable. And the good thing, you can print different sizes and colors for sale online. Flexi Rex is an ever-cool toy.


3D printing is a fun way to exercise your creativity and make some money. Beginners find it quite challenging to find those easy 3D printing ideas to spend an afternoon. The above list gets you covered.

The ideas presented are fun to work on, and the items add value to your daily life. Also, be sure your friend will order 3D prints of their items once they set eyes on what you have made.

Keep your printer on and try different customized ways of these tremendous easy 3D printing ideas. Once done, you will be ready for more complex 3D printing ideas.

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