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Epson Workforce ET-3750 Reviews

Printers are one of the pillars of offices, small and large businesses, plus any student-inhabited places. On the other hand, the market certainly doesn’t disappoint as it’s chock-full of countless printers, and they all come with different features, sizes, and shapes. That’s why you need to know your needs and preferences for a printer not to get lost.

Today, we’re presenting you with one of the best printers on the market, the Epson ET 3750. This printer is basic, simple, and straight to the point. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective and true power-horse. Consequently,  if that’s what you need, then stick around for a full Epson ET 3750 review.

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At a Glance

The Epson ET 3750 is an all-in-one printer; hence, it can scan, copy, and print, yet not fax. It was released back in 2017 and is powered by PrecisionCore. It’s considered a suitable office printer, as it gives a very high yield of printed paper, is relatively economical over time, and is easy to deal with when it comes to ink replacement and navigating its control panel.


  • Comes with two sets of ink bottles
  • Multi-function printer
  • Affirmative ink replacements
  • ADF takes 30 papers
  • Simple control panel
  • 150 papers paper capacity
  • Auto-duplex
  • Failsafe ink delivery system
  • USB and Wi-Fi connection
  • iPrint, Android, and Epson mail compatible
  • Print speed of 15.3 pages per minute
  • Sleek design


  • No touch display
  • High upfront price
  • No fax
  • Doesn’t support USB or MicroSD
  • Not great with tiny fonts
  • Slightly dull backgrounds

Epson ET 3750 Full Review

Now that you’ve gotten an overall picture of what the Epson ET 3750 is all about, let’s further explore the details.


The overall design of this printer is small and compact. It’s 23.1 cm in height, 37.5 cm in width, and 34.7 cm in depth. These dimensions make it relatively easy to stack it on a shelf without crowding the rest of the room.

Furthermore, the LCD control panel is non-touch, yet its display is entirely straightforward. The buttons are easy to handle, and navigating through your files is a piece of cake.

Another great thing about this printer’s design is that the ink tanks are fully visible on the printer’s front side. Consequently, rather than depending solely on the information provided by the computer, you’ll be able to see for yourself how much ink you’re using, how much you’re saving, and when your next refill should be.


The star of the show here is the ink system. First of all, the Epson ET3750 comes with two sets of ink bottles included, so you’ll be set for a very long time.

Moreover, you no longer have to worry about creating a mess when refilling your printer tanks. That’s thanks to the failsafe design that was implemented into these bottles. It’s kind of a lock and key design, where the bottle will only latch on to its corresponding tank.

Once it connects to the correct tank and opens, the ink will also be flowing out of it without any effort from you and without causing any spills anywhere.

Furthermore, the ink tanks provided are mega-sized. When completely full, they can offer up to two years worth of ink, or in other words, 30 ink cartridge sets. So, the amount of ink that you get with this printer is incredible.


The printing resolution of the Epson ET 3750 is 4800×1200 dpi. On the other hand, the scanner/copier is 2400×1200 dpi. Both of these resolutions are great; however, the graphic backgrounds have been known to be a little bit dull. Also, printing tiny characters isn’t going to cut it with this printer. You’ll have to make sure that all your printables are of a decent size.


The printer’s upfront price is definitely high due to all the features and ink that you get. Some people might even be discouraged by it. However, when you do the math, in the long run, you’ll find that you save a ton of money with the Epson ET 3750.

As a matter of fact, the ink replacement is relatively cheap, and the paper yield per ink cartridge is incredible. So, you won’t be switching out your inks often, meaning that you won’t be spending too much money on inks.

Actually, this printer can save up to 74% of running costs compared to other printers in its category.


The Epson ET 3750 has a paper capacity of 150 papers. These papers can be of all sizes and shapes as the printer can deal with 3, 5, 4, 6, 5, 7, 8, 10 inches, letter A, A3, A4, A6, plus executive and legal paper types. So, the Epson ET3750 allows you to print on an incredibly wide scale. 

It also comes with a duplex feature enabling you to print on both sides of the paper and an automatic document feeder that takes 30 papers at a time.

The estimated number of papers printed per minute is 15.3 pages, so it’s rather productive. The paper yield with the Epson ET 3750 is 14,000 pages if printed in black-and-white and 11,200 pages if printed in color. That’s quite impressive as it totals up to around 25,000 pages.


This printer can be connected through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Android, iPrint, which is the Epson printing app, and USB connection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support either a USB flash drive or a micro SD to print from. 

What’s in the Box

  • Epson Workforce ET 3750 Eco-Tank
  • All-in-one power cord
  • CD for product set up
  • A manual
  • Two 127 mL of 502 black
  • Two bottles of 70 mL 502 Cayenne
  • Two bottles of 70 mL Magenta
  • Two bottles of 70 mL yellow

Users’ Reviews on Amazon

The majority of people on Amazon are quite satisfied with their purchase. They find the printer easy to set up and connect and that the printing procedure has no mishaps. The quality of the printed documents is impressive and certainly up to par.

On the other hand, some customers have found that the scanning process was rather tiresome and not at all what they expect. 

Still, people are vastly pleased with the ink system and how much money they are saving. Hundreds of dollars that would’ve come out of their paycheck every month for ink replacements are now safely in-composed in their wallets, and they couldn’t be happier about it. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up our Epson ET 3750 review, this printer is a beast when it comes to ink saving and efficient usage. It can yield around 25,000 pages per ink change, which is incredible.

Furthermore, it accepts a vast array of different paper types and has a printing resolution of 4800×1200 dpi. Although the scanning has proved to be a problem for some customers, it still happens with 2400×1200 dpi resolution.

This printer is compatible with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Airprint, Android, and almost every other connection. Yet, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a place for a USB flash drive or a microSD. 

Lastly, the LCD control panel is straightforward to work with, allowing you to navigate your files without any trouble.

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