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Where To Find WPS PIN On HP Printer [Setup Guide]

Do you get a prompt to enter a WPS PIN when connecting your HP printer to another device? First, be thankful to HP for adding that security feature to your printer. The reason being, no one can use your printer without that PIN. Then, worry not because this article shows you where to find WPS PIN on HP printers.

Technically, WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. And a WPS PIN is a unique eight-digit number generated by HP printers for secure connection with other devices. Essentially, you need it every time you are connecting your printer with a computer or a smartphone.

WPS makes connections faster and very secure. Where then do you get it on your HP printer? Stick around for the solution.

HP Printer WPS Connection Options

Both HP printers with and without screen displays require WPS to connect wirelessly. The WPS options available are:

  • WPS Push button: non-screen printers
  • WPS PIN: printers with a screen display

Depending on the desired device you are connecting to your printer, each WPS option has several easy steps you need to follow. When connecting your printer to a router, WPS PIN manual input may be unnecessary. The two devices communicate automatically to establish a secure connection. But connecting your printer to a computer or a smartphone prompts for the PIN. Follow the below steps to locate the WPS PIN on your HP printer.

WPS PIN For Non-Screen Printers

For non-screen printers such as the HP Deskjet printer series, you activate the WPS setup mode by pressing and holding the WPS push-button for 3-4 seconds. You can then input the WPS PIN printed on the side or bottom of your wireless router. The HP printer and the router link almost automatically once you follow the required steps.

WPS PIN For Screen-Enabled Printers

The screen-enabled HP printers such as HP Officejet 4650, generate a time-sensitive WPS PIN whenever you want to connect them to other devices. The steps of obtaining this PIN are:

  • Switch on your HP printer, or restart it if it was on.
  • Press the Settings Button on the Control Panel Screen of your printer.
  • You should be able to see the Wireless Button, press it.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup among the choices.
  • Follow the ensuing prompts carefully up to the WPS PIN option.
  • Tap on the prompted PIN to display it on the screen.
  • And there you have your eight-digit WPS PIN. Please enter it in the required field promptly (the PIN is time-sensitive).

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Connecting Your HP Printer To Other Devices Through WPS

As indicated above, you can use either the WPS push button or the WPS PIN to connect your printer to devices wirelessly. The steps outlined below lead to successful connectivity.

Connecting Your HP Printer Through The WPS Push Button

If you are using a non-screen enabled printer:

  • Switch on both the HP printer and the router.
  • If both were on, restart them.
  • Locate the WPS Push Button on your HP printer, press, and hold it for 3-4 seconds until the light starts blinking.
  • Locate the WPS button on your router, mainly found on the backside.
  • Press the WPS button and hold it until the light starts blinking.
  • Wait for several minutes (approximately 2-3), the WPS lights on the router and printer stops flashing once a connection is successful.

When your printer is screen-enabled:

  • If the printer was on, restart. If not, then switch it on.
  • On the screen or control panel, locate the Wireless Button and tap or press it
  • The Wireless indicator light starts blinking.
  • Find the Wi-Fi Protected Setup on the screen.
  • Select the Push Button in the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Go to your already switched-on router and locate the WPS Button on the backside.
  • Press hold the button for several seconds until the light starts flashing.
  • After 2-3 minutes, the WPS lights on the two devices become still to indicate a successful connection between the printer and the router.
  • The printer screen indicates “Connection Established.”

Connecting Your HP Printer Using WPS PIN

Connecting your HP printer to your router or computer using WPS PIN is relatively trickier than through the almost automatic push-button method. The following steps simplify the process:

  • Use the above steps to generate a WPS PIN.
  • If connecting to a router: Access the Configuration Utility of your router, follow the prompts to get to the “Enter WPS PIN” Option. Enter the WPS PIN you got from your printer in the first step. You have to use this PIN within a minute or so of generation. Else, you have to generate another PIN. The PIN is time-sensitive.
  • If connecting the printer to a computer: Open the HP printer setup on your computer. Click “Connect a New Printer.” Follow the prompts to where you are required to enter the WPS PIN. Enter the eight-figure code your printer generated and proceed with the prompts. Follow the instructions until you finish the setup. Install the necessary network printer drivers.
  • If connecting the printer to an Android or iOS smartphone and tablet: Download and install the HP Print Service Plugin from respective app stores. Open your device Settings and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings. Toggle the switch to activate the Wi-Fi. Search for available Wi-Fi networks. Click on the name of your router and enter your password if prompted. Once your device connects to the same Wi-Fi network as your HP printer, activate the HP Print Service plugin installed on your phone. Follow prompts in the plugin to link the HP printer with your phone or tablet. To print from your phone, click the ‘Share’ or ‘Print’ icon, then select the preferred HP printer from listed printers.
  • You are ready to start printing wirelessly with your HP printer.

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Troubleshooting For Connection Fails

Sometimes, the printer shows an error message when you try printing documents from the various connected devices. Or you are unable to connect your printer wirelessly with other devices. What do you do to overcome the frustration? Do the following:

  • Restart all the devices and reconnect them again.
  • If the error persists, check if the printer and other devices’ software are up to date. If not, update accordingly and restart the devices. You should be able to print after the update. 
  • If the printer still can’t print, check if there is enough ink in the toner and that there are printing papers already loaded. Further, check if the printer displays an error message and solve the error. Refer to the HP printer user manual on how to reset common printer errors.
  • Your print should now print efficiently. If not, perform a system restore on your devices and repeat the troubleshooting steps.


Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN helps secure the wired or wireless connection of your HP printer with other devices. Apart from making the connection process fast, the WPS application protects your printer usage by unauthorized people. Following the above steps will help you locate where the WPS PIN is on HP printers easily.

There are two ways to wirelessly connect your printer with a router or computer by WPS. By using the WPS push button or through the WPS PIN method. To achieve any of the two techniques, follow the above outlined easy-to-follow steps. For more information, reach out to HP Support anytime.

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