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Why is My Printer Offline [Get Your Printer Back Online!]

When you are operating a business, the most annoying message is the one that informs you that your printer is offline. However, printer and computer issues continue to prevail even with the improved technology available today.

In most cases, this happens because your printer can’t communicate with your computer. And there are many reasons why this could be happening.

The good news is that you can fix most of these issues and get back to work ASAP. I have discussed the most common reasons why your printer is offline and how to fix it.

Communication of Your Personal Computer with the Printer

When your printer shows an offline message, that means it’s having a hard time communicating through to your computer. Therefore, if this happens, check twice the connection between your printer and computer.

Do this by checking the cable that connects your router to your printer. Also, check the cable that connects your laptop or computer to your printer.

What will you do if all of these cables are working? Try moving the cables to alternative ports.

For wireless printers, checking connections is somewhat trickier. Why? Because you follow the following procedure; enter the “set up” mode, select “network setting,” then press “confirm network settings.” After that, print a status sheet about your connection by pressing “start.”

Cables of connection may work loose in their sockets or be worn out with use. Therefore, make sure that your cables are fit and in good condition. Also, put the wireless printer within your computer range, ensuring no objects block the wireless signal.

Power Supply to the Printer

For any printer to work, you will have to connect it to the power supply. There is an indicator that the power supply is connected. Look and note if the power light of the printer is on. Switch it on if it’s not.

Sometimes the printer is connected to a power strip. In this case, ensure that the strip is connected to the electricity source and is turned on. After that, check if the printer is in sleep mode and turn it on online.

After these are in check and the printer isn’t switched on, check if the printer adaptor is correctly plugged into an available socket. With the printer on, check if the printer displays any messages and solve them to bring it online.

The Trouble with Driver Software

Driver software is a code of communication between the Windows operating system and the printer. It’s the “language” between the two gadgets. This software installed on your laptop finds windows already in place.

If the driver software is incompatible, outdated, or corrupted and doesn’t rhyme with the windows you have installed, you will need to update it.

How do you update driver software? You may use the Windows Updater to locate driver software online. Also, you can try to navigate to the manufacturer’s website, because they can give a copy for download. Nevertheless, if the printer has a disc, it may have the appropriate software.

Previous Printing Document

Amazingly, one document can cause your printer to be offline. That is because the printing queue may make your printer suddenly go offline. Therefore, try to clear the print jobs in your printer to delete the printing queue, if any.

How do you clear the previous printing jobs? On the windows’ devices and printers’, right-click on the Printer Icon, click on ‘cancel All Documents.’ If the last option is absent, click “open as administrator” and type the administrator’s password, then click ‘yes.’ After you log in as an administrator, cancel the documents.

 Paused Printer’s Status due to Printer Error

If your printer is paused, it means that the printer is offline. However, there is a reason for the printing error if your printer experiences a “Toner Empty” or “Paper Jam,” making your printer go offline.

In this case, check the printer’s screen for any error messages and correct them before checking your printer’s online state.

Printer not Set as a Default Printer

If the printer isn’t set as default on your computer, then the printer will be offline. Why? A printer that defaults in your computer or laptop automatically sends a print job unless you specify otherwise. It sends automatically to the default printer when you click “print.”

Therefore, if your printer isn’t the default printer, your computer will try to connect to another printer. To make your printer default, you can use the computer’s ‘default’ section. In case the device is not listed as a device in the section of the devices, you should install the driver.

Problem with the Network

When the connection is faulty, your printer will be listed as offline. If you connect your printer using an ethernet cable to the network source, consider buying those below six feet. Also, have twisted-pair wiring and a shield.

If you use a network to connect, it could be down or firewall protected. Therefore, checking your computer’s firewall setting helps ensure that it doesn’t block the connection.

Using Wrong Printer Setting

When you use the wrong printer settings, the printer will go offline. The correct settings and procedure include: open the intended document and on the menu icon, click “file” then “Print.”

After that, open the document’s properties and use a shortcut printing procedure by clicking the printing shortcut tab.

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In conclusion, the reasons why your printer goes offline are manageable and easy to correct. It could be a poor connection between the printer and the computer. Also, an unstable internet connection can make your printer go offline.

The various errors also cause your printer to go offline. Don’t forget the wrong settings and incompatible driver software. And finally, if the printer has not been connected to power.

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